Changing the size of a contact form

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    I’m wanting to put a contact form as a sidebar widget instead of on a post or page, is there any way to change the width of it so it fits?

    At the moment it still seems to work fine in the sidebar in that typing in it does not overflow, but it would look a lot neater if I was able to fit in the edges to the sidebar as well as the text. This isn’t so much a widget question as it is a general coding/html question.


    The blog I need help with is


    Create the contact form and insert it into a post. Click over to the HTML tab in that post and copy out all the code. Paste that code into a text widget and wordpress will automatically format it for the width of the sidebar.



    VOILA! lol :)



    That’s what I’ve done but there aren’t any edges to the form. As I say the typing works absolutely fine but it doesn’t look that good.


    It doesn’t look like you have the custom design upgrade, so open the contact form text widget and put this at the beginning of the code you pasted

    <div style="width: 98% !important;">

    and then put this at the very bottom




    Thanks a lot, that’s worked great.


    You are welcome.

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