Changing the sticky post background color (Grisaille theme)

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    i’m using Grisaille theme and i need some css help:
    1. i did not find a way to change the sticky post background color.
    2. can i change the sidebar color too?
    3. can i change the text for “continue reading” (or remove it)?
    4. How can i control the fonts sizes (menu,sidebar title etc.)
    my blog url is-

    thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    add this to your custom CSS, at the bottom, and then you can adjust the RGB and opacity numbers (opacity is the last).

    li.type-post.sticky {
    background: rgba(232, 227, 213, 0.75);

    Or you can go back to a standard hex color value by adding the following and then editing the color number.

    li.type-post.sticky {
    background: #CCCCCC;


    Apparently I missed a code tag. Use the following for the second example:

    li.type-post.sticky {
    background: #CCCCCC;

    Thank you!
    you even set my favorite color :)

    what about the “continue reading” can i change that to an hebrew text?
    “להמשיך לקרוא”?

    or maybe remove it?

    Thanks again!


    Simon, if you go to settings > general you should be able to select Hebrew as your language, and then all text in the theme should change to Hebrew. If you have done that, and the continue reading text did not change then that means that a string was missed during translation. I’ll tag this for staff attention and hopefully they will get it taken care of shortly.


    Thank you. i did select Hebrew as my language.
    I really appreciate it



    You are welcome.



    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for finding that missed translation.

    Since anyone can help translate using our GlotPress translation engine, could you suggest a new translation for the English original string by visiting the link below?



    Wow! 640 pages of un-translate hebrew string ?
    well, i will try to reduce that number :)

    thanks for your help zandyring



    Thank you! We love when our users contribute – and you get to tell people “I made that!”



    Step by step :)
    620 and counting (down)



    That’s great! :)

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