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    I am trying to sort the page tabs of my blog in a different way. How can I do that?

    The blog I need help with is



    I changed the direction of my blog and now want the pages to show up in a different sort order on top. Can someone tell me how to do that please? Thank you!


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    Use a custom menu to arrange your pages in the order you want.


    If all you want to do is change the sequence of the pages as they’re displayed in the header of your theme, it’s easy. You can re-sequence them in any order you like. For each page, go into edit mode. On the right side you’ll see “Page attributes.” Under that is a place where you can enter the “order.” For the page you want to be first, put “1” in that box, then save. Do that for each page, giving each the number you want, and when you’re done they’ll show up like that.

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