Changing the top of the page.

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    I asked this before and it seems that it is possible. I would like to know how, any tutorials would be great. Iam a great reader so learn fast.

    for example if you go to my page (still in test fase) you see a picture at the top, well i wanna change this one by one of my own designs.

    Thanks in advance



    I don’t know who told you that you can change the header in a blog to one of your own design, but they were misinformed. You can’t.



    Only a couple available themes, Regalas and default and maybe one or two others, allow changing the header image.

    Of those that do you can, your’re only allowed to select from whats is available, you cannot substitute your own image.



    i’ve seen many other peoples sites that have personal pics in the header so there has got to be a way. i like this site but i only wish they would have a starting example like others to or a proper FAQ and not just leave it up to members to ask the same questions over and over in forums.

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