Changing the URL and template of the blog.

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    Well, when I came here, I was a little confused, so I read a few things, but I don’t know how to change the URL of a blog.

    Another thing that’s bugging me is I can’t upload any of my templates. Is it possible to?


    On the wordpress hosted blogs, it is not possible. You can not customise any of that stuff, which really sucks.



    IMO what really sucks BIGTIME is the whiners, bitchers, moaners and complainers who are unhappy with limitations but will not move on to a blog hosting company which is CHEAP ($6 per month and less) but instead come out at night like ghouls to haunt the forum with their unhappy cry baby stuff and their cheap shots at the free service they’re getting.

    Remarkably I have observed that the same whiners, bitchers, moaners and complainers usually also fall into the category of wanting to make money from blogging. An interesting concept indeed because IMO on close examination the content found in their blogs rarely merits a second glance.

    Have I stated that clearly enough? Perhaps not so let me be more precise. Reaching into your your piggybank and spending the few pennies required for blog hosting is a viable option for all of us. And I do I hope you choose it because without the CHEAPSKATE whiners, bitchers, moaners and complainers (i.e. a tiny minority of misfits, who IMO will never choose to be happy anywhere) WordPress is a cool community of bloggers who appreciate the free service they are getting.

    The truth is that happiness is a choice you make between your ears and if you can’t make that choice then the solution is to go where you can be happy.

    Bye, bye.


    whats worse than people who bitch about the services they recieve are the people who go far out of their way to complain that someone said something as trivial as “which really sucks”. i didnt read anything about them complaining about the price of hosting or actually anything that you mentioned, and guess what i think the fact that i cant forward my wp blog to another url sucks too, but i could always switch to blogger if i did care that much. some people just like wp, doesnt mean they think its perfect. so just get over yourself



    Everyone would love to make a little bit of money so as to justify the obscene amout of time spent on our blogs. I never knew that we could make money from having a blog. But when I found out we could, then I wanted to as well. :) I’m not looking to be like Perez Hilton who charges for 1 premium ad $5,000 a week. Alot of people have quit their regular jobs and started blogging full time so they can spend more time at home with their children. Alot of the female bloggers that I know who have children have been trying to find ways to make some sort of a profit from their blogs so they can quit their jobs and be blogging full time. I could have left WordPress after finding out we couldn’t add javascript but I stayed because it runs smoothly here and mostly because they have this forum for us to ask questions when we have problems. I dreaded going back to Blogger. I got an account at Typepad since the first month is free but it was so complicating. So I stayed here hoping that one day javascript ads can be allowed. If it doesn’t, then I’m not going to worry myself over it. I do what I do on my blog because I like it. Not because I can make money from it oneday. I never knew we could make money from it. Natasha from YBF is paying for law school with the money that she makes from her very successful blog.



    patriotsfan: you might want to consider your language before complaining abt wp – everybody has grouses and gripes but if one does it in a polite and unoffensive manner, people generally tend to accept your opinion. perhaps you didn’t mean anything negative but sometimes in text it can be hard to tell the tone of a statement.

    i meant no offense by this. =)

    foreverandnever: i don’t think timethief is saying patriotsfan is “complaining about the price of hosting” but she was suggesting that if patriotsfan is not satisfied with wp he should consider paid hosting. neither did she say wp is perfect; she however is suggesting that wp users should be more appreciative of the good service wp is giving us despite the imperfections.

    “whats worse than people who bitch about the services they recieve are the people who go far out of their way to complain that someone said something as trivial as “which really sucks”.”

    err, why does the phrase ‘pot calling the kettle black’ come to mind?


    @firefly69: Your blog lifelong fools doesn’t have any posts, so if you want to change your subdomain, now is a good time to do it. Just visit and select Register a new blog. You can delete the old one if you want. If it’s another blog that you want to move, one with more posts, you may be out of luck (but I understand that an export feature is coming, which might imply an import from WordPress feature as well — seems logical).

    @everyone: Can’t we all just get along? Won’t somebody please think of the children? Er, what I mean is, I bet a productive forum has a mixture of positive and negative feedback. Too much of either → a worse service.



    generaldisarray: i think the current issue is not about whether feedback is positive or negative, but how feedback is presented. you’re right about getting along, though.



    Uhh… thanks.

    I supose I could live with it for a while.


    sulz what was my language lol I was explaining the guy that we cant do it. I think you mean Timethief.

    And for Timetief it’s really easy for you to say that. But I am one of a few that can not afford to host my blog. So I am stuck with what I got.



    patriotsfan: i do know who i’m referring to – i just feel that ‘sucks’ has quite a strong negative connotation, but if said in a casual manner, it may not be so, perhaps that was your intention. maybe that’s why timethief misunderstood you?


    oh I just ment it as it sucks that we cant edit the header on like the default theme an stuff.



    This has been discussed so many times already and I don’t feel like typing it out once again.

    Short story.

    We’re running a different platform than the standard WordPress.

    Themes were designed knowing that one could edit them on the standard WP install. They were not designed for the WordPress MultiUser setup we have here.

    Some theme designers are working in the ability to change headers and the like.

    This is not a change that will occur overnight. If you want to help instead of complain, feel free to design your own themes with teh ability to make changes and submit them.

    If you’ve got to have a different header, then is not for you. Download a copy of WordPress and get hosted somewhere else.

    WPMultiUser and is designed for those who just want to blog and not worry about things like CSS and installation and the like.

    Until themes are designed with these new features, we have what we have. :)


    I know all that read it many of times. Maybe you should put it bold somwear so it cant be missed.



    Actually I’ve asked for a link to both the forums and the FAQ blog be included in the signup email.

    (Made again while I’m thinking about it.)

    Some times when I sit here viewing blogs and flipping through them, I come across posts that go one about how many problems they’re having with such and such and I wind up pointing them to the FAQ in question or here to the forums.



    But he wasn’t saying she sucks. Nothing was said against timethief herself. Not everyone can pay the hosting fee or even pay their internet bill. And if you can, not everyone knows how to host a site themselves. We all know why WordPress doesn’t allow template modification and that’s okay. If we don’t like it, we can just leave.

    Most of the sites I visit started off as a hobby for the person but then it grew to this giant. Then if they host their own sites and if their site is very high traffic, it’s much more than $10.00 a month. Images eat up your bandwidth and hotlinking and that’s when you get screwed money wise. The top blogs have a staff. Which means they have to be payed. The have writers and interns and someone that oversees their site forum. All this costs money. Images without tags cost money too: Getty ($150.00 each picture), WENN ($50.00 each picture), WireImage (monthly flat fee ranging from $10.00 – $75.00 a month). So if someone’s little blog that grew to be very successful wants to stay and be a player, they have to place ads on their sites. But with Google ads, I think it’s less than five cents per click or per 1,000 page impressions. And Google doesn’t mail out a check until you make over $100.00. But if you’re a high traffic site and place alot of Google ads, you can maybe make $100 to $200 a month. The big money is with sponsors and big affiliates.

    I’m sorry but timethief ripped his head off for no reason. He wasn’t saying she sucked. Sometimes I get yelled at by WordPress members on my site for no reason but I let it slide and I don’t go into a tyrade over it.



    Google mails at $25 last time I looked but I agree that you make more with affiliates, big or small. I make a better average and click thru rate with my Commission Junction affiliates than I do with my Google adsense. It’s a never ending battle to get links in Adsense to have something remotely to do with the content. Right now, my Kim Possible website is running Google Adverts for legal counciling. :(



    $25? When I had Google ads, they told me $100. lol I took them off after so many months after I checked and had made about $2.00. :)



    Not that I would give out my own personal data on what Adsense makes on my site (it’s against the TOS bigtime) but that sounds about right for a month or so. The 200 or so sites I host (They get free hosting in trade for Adsense placement) make a bit more than that but not much.

    I do a *LOT* better with Commission Junction but I pick and choose which advertisers I use on which sites. Adsence, you have to watch like a hawk.



    I stand corrected. It is $100 for Google to send you a check. My mistake. Commission Junction is $25. Sorry about that.

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