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Changing Theme

  1. Dear helpers,
    I have downloaded a theme, packed in zip format, from . I need to apply this theme to my Blog. What should I do? Could you please mention me some steeps to complete this work?

    Thanks for advanced,

  2. You need to be in the WordPress ORG forum. Have a nice day. :)

  3. @404 - sakal does have a blog here.
    Sorry, but on we do not have that sort of control of our themes - we are blogging on wordpress MU, not wordpress. This means we cannot apply themes other than the ones under "Presentation" -> "Themes".
    If you buy the CSS upgrade you can make theme changes, but applying a theme from a zip file from is simply not possible.

  4. I'm sorry that I'm in wrong place. I don't think and are different. Thanks for giving me new knowledge.


  5. Well I am sorry too. You are not quite in the wrong place. But a theme for WP org can't be used here at WP com. Confused? You should be:) But good luck anyway.

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