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Changing Theme Advice

  1. Ciao tutti

    I've been thinking about changing my theme. I'm currently using Mystique, I've really enjoyed my current theme for the past year and a half. But ... it's just not working for me anymore. It seems so big and in your face, I want to go a bit more streamlined. I've been looking at the free themes and I really like Chateu and The Morning After.

    Can anyone offer some advice for me? Should I change? Do you use either of the two themes mentioned? What do you think of my blog with Mystique?

    All advice is greatly appreciated. I look forward to your response.

  2. My advice is to open a second private blog so you can test how your blog looks in different themes.

    Export your current blog, then import the file into the private test blog. You can experiment and try different themes until you find one you like. While it's private, any "mistakes" won't be visible to the public.

    When you find a theme that suits you, then change your "real" blog to that theme and adjust the sidebars, headers, backgrounds the same way you did with the experimental blog.

  3. Well, this sounds super interesting.

  4. Will exporting my current blog to a private blog, make any changes to the current blog?

  5. The Theme Showcase, previewing a theme and advice from friends and strangers are all available, but there is nothing like seeing and using a theme in action with your own material.

  6. No, your current blog will continue as it is

    Keep in mind that when you add to your current blog, the private one won't update automatically. Even so, unless you add tons of posts everyday, the one export should provide a good working idea of how a different theme will fit your needs.

  7. No, exporting it and tinkering with it in a private blog won't change your existing blog. Just make sure the blog is PRIVATE before you do the import.

  8. Thank you both. Im working on it now, I have it set to private and now Ill play around a bit. :)

  9. It's asking me to import from my computer, I haven't my blog saved on my hard drive. How on earth do I do that?

  10. The export will download to your computer as an XML file which you use to upload your import into the private site.

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