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Changing theme after custom design purchase

  1. Back in September, I purchased the custom design tool to spiff up my blog set to the Quintus theme. Now I want to switch themes...will the custom design work on the new theme? I don't want to re-purchase the tool but my blog needs a new theme and I very much want to use the custom design tool.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The CSS upgrade is Blog specific not Theme specific - so you can change your them and still use the CSS upgrade

    CAUTION - since most CSS code is theme specific you will probably need to do some rework on the CSS coding

  3. As auxclass said, much CSS is theme-specific so you'll likely need to make adjustments and/or redo pieces of your CSS. Because of this, when you switch themes, your custom CSS is automatically reset to a blank slate, but you can retrieve your old CSS by clicking on the "CSS Revisions" link in the Customizer:

    I don't want to re-purchase the tool

    You don't need to re-purchase Custom Design - once you have it, it'll work with any theme you activate.

    Here are some other things to keep an eye on when you switch themes:

    Let us know if you need further help.

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