Changing theme and suspending blog until new format ready

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    I am wanting to update the look of my current blog to the “Suburbia” theme. Can someone more tech-savvy than me please advise how I can suspend my blog or keep it looking as it is, after I activate the new theme and fiddle around with it to make all the pictures/widgets etc pretty etc. When I am done with the fiddling with format for the new theme, how can I then republish the blog with the new theme?

    Or do I need to create a new blog entirely? And if so, how do I do that without retyping or reinserting every word/pic.


    The blog I need help with is


    It’s less of a problem than you imagine. First, save the contents of all your widgets in text files, just in case. Then (this is what I did) post a brief notice to your readers to inform them that the place may look a bit wonky for a while as you upgrade a few things.

    Then change the theme. It’s easy. When you see what it looks like, you’ll be delighted to find that most of your widgets are okay. For those that seem to have vanished, they may be in the inactive area of the “Widgets” section of the “Appearance” screen. Move them back to where you want them. If any of their contents got lost, use your backups to re-create your widgets again.

    You’ll probably have to tinker with your menus until things are the way you like them. Your readers will stick with you through the mess — if there is much of a mess.



    There is no “under construction or maintenance” function here – you can set the blog to “Private” but that shuts off all your regular visitors – not good at all

    I think that visitors are more tolerant than we give them credit for – if you are really worried just put a sticky Post or temporary page on the home page that just says “under construction – pardon the strange look” – people come to blogs to get information – the nice look in my opinion is a bonus


    I would create a test blog. Export your present blog, import into test blog. Change the theme as you want in the test blog, fiddle around as you choose. Keep your real blog going, adding content as you normally do.

    Once your test blog is exactly as you want it to be, it will take very little time to change the theme on your real blog and have it look as you want it to. And having a test blog is always a good thing! :-)



    Thanks all.

    Re test blog – when the test blog ready to go, do I need to import my test blog onto my original blog or do I activate my test blog and close my old blog? Doesn’t that mean that I have two URLs/accounts for my blog?



    You move the settings from the test blog to the “real” blog – sorry no automated system for that – sort of by hand – you can copy and past things like color codes etc

    but if you have CSS changes you can just copy them and paste them into the “real” blog

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