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    I currently use the Bueno theme and would like to switch to Choco. When I Preview in Choco, many of the modifications I’ve made to Bueno are present and everything looks great. When I activate Choco, however, the column widths and menu bar are all wrong. How do I resolve this problem most efficiently?

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    The blog I need help with is


    If you made modifications to the CSS in Bueno, they will not translate over to Choco. CSS is theme specific. Each theme author decides how they are going to organize the XHTML (markup) and how they are going to organize and label things in the CSS.

    If you switch to Choco, you will have to delete all your existing CSS changes and then start from scratch again with the Choco CSS.



    That makes sense, but then why is it that when I preview my site in CSS, all of my changes in Bueno seem to hold?


    It could be that some of the selectors are named the same in the two themes. Sometimes that happens. Also, the “preview” can be flakey sometimes. Sometimes you can make changes and they won’t show. Other times you change something and take a look and then change it back but the original change still shows. I don’t rely on the CSS preview anymore.

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