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Changing Themes

  1. I have a wordpress blog which I have been perfectly happy with for almost 2 years - no issues, whatsoever. I've seen a couple of new themes that I want to possibly change to, however, when I preview them, I don't see a sidebar. I have a lot of info on my current sidebar. My question is: If I switch to the new theme, will I lose all of the info, photos, links, which I have on my current sidebar and have to start from scratch? Or, will all of my current sidebar info automatically switch over? I would prefer to just stay with what I have if there is any possibility of me losing any info or having 'new issues' with the new theme. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you switch themes you don't lose anything. If you choose to use a theme without a sidebar then your widgets will be in here > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive widgets
    This may be helpful > Sidebars and other widget areas: number and position

  3. Thank you for the prompt reply. I will read the info you have provided.

  4. The information you provided was very helpful. I'm so glad I checked; the theme I was interested in switching to does not offer widgets on static pages. My homepage is static, therefore, anyone coming to my blog would not see links to the other categories and additional content. I guess I'll just stay with my current theme.

    Thanks again!

  5. "the theme I was interested in switching to does not offer widgets on static pages"
    If you're talking about Bouquet, you're wrong.

  6. justpi, the link led me to this:

    ----> no widget areas

    Sidebar optional:
    [Depending on the theme, either by selecting the relevant option in Appearance > Theme Options, or by not adding any widgets in Appearance > Widgets.]
    Adventure Journal, Autofocus, ---->BOUQUET, Brand New Day, Chateau, Comet, Elegant Grunge, Fresh & Clean, Fruit Shake, Fusion, iNove, Modularity Lite, Mystique, Nishita, P2, Parament, Pilcrow, Quintus, Reddle, Retro-fitted, Strange Little Town, Suburbia, Sundance, Triton Lite, Twenty Eleven.

    ---->No widgets on static pages or single posts (optionally or not)

  7. So? That paragraph says that the sidebar in Bouquet is optional. And the last phrase continues with "see relevant post": that's a link to another post of mine that says sidebar in Bouquet "can be deactivated or activated on any static page".

    Check the theme demo:

  8. Thank you. That is EXACTLY the way I want it to look. On my way to change it, now...

  9. The change went through fine and all of the pages look great. I just have a question regarding the photos.

    For the first time I worked on my blog from a PC and I noticed that the photos on some of the pages were extremely oversized. When I came home to resize them on my MAC, the photos were fine. Does that mean those who view my blog on a PC see oversized photos? I'm not sure if this a 'theme' issue or 'computer' issue.

  10. It's a browser issue. Lousy browsers (call that Explorer) may not take heed when an image is resized by the theme, especially if the image isn't hosted in your blog. You should upload all images to your blog instead of inserting images hosted elsewhere, and ideally you should downsize them in an image editing application before uploading them. The one you must definitely change is the logo you've added to your sidebar; sidebar width in Bouquet is 285 pixels.

  11. Thank you so much for your assistance. You have been extremely helpful.

  12. You're welcome.
    Forgot to add that inserting images in real size means better quality as well. See here:

  13. Thanks, again.

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