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changing themes

  1. my blog:
    I'm thinking of changing my theme to "Rounded." I'd like to know:
    a) for the right hand side bar - can I add more headings in addition to "categories" and archives"?
    b) Can I enlarge the font (or should I do this through typekit)
    c) when a theme says "custom colors", does that mean that there are other colors available; and are these colors just for the background, titles, or fonts? I don't think rounded has custom colors, but if I change to another one with custom colors, it would be good to know.
    Appreciate your answers! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. (1) The theme is widget aware and you can add the widgets of your choice to it here > Appearance > Widgets

    Every theme comes with default widgets selections displayed. Once you make your choices then they will over-rule the default display of widgets.

    If you would like to read support documentation on the widgets available it's found in the support documentation. See: >

  3. It's wise to place (drag and drop) all the widgets you have before you change themes in the Inactive Widgets box. Then after the theme change you can sinmply drag and drop them back into place.

  4. Thanks timethief. Would the documentation also answer my question re enlarging fonts and changing colors?
    I'm so excited, it's about time I changed themes. Been blogging 8 months now and I was getting this "blah" sentiment about my theme.

  5. (2) If you wish to use TypeKit to increase the size of the font you are free to do that. However, as a visually challenged person I wonder why anyone frets about font size. You see we can all increase the size of any font displaying on any webpage in our browsers and I do it all the time.

  6. (3) The color version of the Rounded theme you see displayed here > Appearance > Themes has been "adapted" from the original theme coded to run on software so it can run on software. the other color versions of that theme are not found here > Appearance > Themes and that means they are not available to users as they are coded to run on software.

    This is what the theme preview at states:
    A brown, flexible width theme with a unique navigation and lots of flowers.
    Tags: two-columns, brown, flexible-width, green, white, widgets, right-sidebar, sticky-post, rtl-language-support

  7. (3)

    when a theme says "custom colors" .... <.blockquote>

    There is no rules regulations, etc. with regard to the structure, function and features provided in any theme; it's strictly up to the web designers to create what they choose to create. What that phrase means is not written anywhere in stone. It means what each individual theme designer says it means when applied to his or her themes.

    There is no official themes library or directory where these details are set out. All we have to go on is what we see here > Appearance > Themes. I believe the only themes that allow for custom colors here at at this time are Regulus and Vigilance and I don't wish to spend my time testing them all to find out if there are others.

    Getting another blog takes only seconds. The visibility can be made "private" so it can be used as a test blog. In it one can explore themes, font changes, images, custom headers, and how to do this or that before actually doing it on their public blog. Many of us have test blogs and I strongly suggest that you may benefit from having one as well.

    Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  8. -- groan - -I left a strong tag open. I'm sorry. I only intended the word "Advice" to be in bold letters - sorry :(

  9. So good of you to explain all this in detail. I am grateful. A test blog is a good idea. My only issue with the rounded them is the font size, otherwise, it's a good one.

  10. <blockqyote> Thanks timethief. Would the documentation also answer my question re enlarging fonts and changing colors?

    This is the entry for changing font size and color found in the support documentation >

    TypeKit Fonts were added just prior to Christmastime. No official announcement was made and there are no support entries for it. Therefore you must get instructions and support from TypeKit Fonts.

    Aside from Regulus and Vigilance which have options for colors of some elements, all other color changes throughout blog themes can only be made by purchasing a CSS upgrade. Doing so is not recommended if you lack experience with CSS editing as there is no Staff support for learning CSS.

  11. Looks like i'll have to roll up my sleeves and learn some css!

  12. I saw this thread come to the top of the forum and exclaimed - OMG! What now? I said that so loud my dog woke up. At present I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type. :D :D :D
    Cheers! :)

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