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Changing themes - any pitfalls to avoid

  1. southerngirlmusings

    I am interested in changing my theme, are there any pitfalls to avoid during the switch? TIA!

  2. No data is lost when changing themes. You may have to readjust your widgets because when you first change they may display in the themes' default mode. But that's no big deal as you can just move the widgets to where you want them to be. Not all themes have the same features or functionality and there are some themes without widgets. So if you want widgets do not select Ambiru, Supposedly Simple or Green Marinee.

    If you want to read about features first engtech has done theme reviews

  3. southerngirlmusings

    Thanks Timethief - you are always such a great help! Take care!

  4. Thanks for the thanks.

  5. Is it possible to use a theme other than the 20 or so provided within my wordpress dashboard under "presentation?" I notice some sites offer more wordpress templates, and I'd like to use them but dont see how. Any thoughts ?

  6. As I understand it, if you are experienced with css customization you can purchase an upgrade and use the style sheet from one of the themes you refer to, put it into the Sandbox theme and, edit the style sheet to suit you.

  7. oh ok - I'll read up on that - thanks for the tip

  8. You're welcome.

  9. ivolunteernetph

    I have been trying to change to a new theme (from the default) but couldn't get this done. It takes such a looong time to load the theme i want from the options available under "presentation". takes even as long as 30 minutes yet nothing's done. what could be the problem?

  10. What theme are you going for? What is the URL of your blog? What kind of connection are you using?

  11. What browser are you using? Are you on dial up?

  12. ivolunteernetph

    going for fadtastic or digg 3. the URL is still am on DSL.

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