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Changing themes - do I lose my blog.

  1. Hey - I'm new here and have been fidgeting around with setting up a blog. I'm waffling on themes. Everytime I change I seem to lose my custom header (I switch between ones that support custom headers) and the widgets I set up. Is this normal? Let's say I settle on one and then six months later want to change the theme - will I lose all my work? (Header, pages, widgets set up).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello, when you switch themes it is normal for you to lose your custom header. But if you'v already uploaded it it's a simple fix. I don't why this happens but it's normal and not too big of a deal. If six months down the road you decide to change your theme again, you will not lose your pages or the content you'v already written about, and your widgets will still appear. Although, depending on what theme you switch to, you may get more widgets, and things may obviously be placed differently.

  3. Thank you for your reply! Now I just have to make a final decision - so hard! I like a lot of the themes but want a little something from 2 of them to make the perfect one :)

    One more question - does WordPress have a "follow me" button?

  4. p.s. sorry! What is the simple fix if the header is already uploaded?

  5. @caryalin, Each theme has a different sized header, so you will have to create a new header of the appropriate size for whatever theme you end up choosing. Custom headers cannot travel with you from theme to theme because they are all different sizes.

  6. @caryalin, the header that is uploaded is sized for the theme that you were using when you uploaded it. When you switch themes, the header size for that theme will be different so you will have to create a new on sized appropriately for the new theme and then upload it.

  7. Thanks!

  8. You're welcome.

  9. true that. i just mean... if one uploads a photo they would like to use for a header... then switches themes... it's as easy as going to the custom header area, putting the full size image (that's already uploaded) back, and then crop it again from there. with mine i have the cropped version for my header in my media library, along with the full size version. so if i was to switch themes, i'd obviously just delete the cropped one, throw in the full size, and crop it again. you know? unless i switched themes and wanted to use a different header image each time, which then i'd do what "thesacredpath" said. he's the man to go to for help with all of these. cheers!

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