Changing Themes May Not Use All Current Widgets

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    I hope I can explain this. I do not have a problem any more. I fixed what I needed to.

    As I am learning more about WordPress and its themes, I see not all themes are the same in functionality. I use the free ones at this time, so will change what I can and live with the rest. The theme I had used until recently was Selecta, but wanted something different. I have 5 widgets, but one is “invisble”, the Statcounter.

    I tried something else, but wanting to see a theme outside of Preview as a full screen, I activated it. That was when I learned not all themes allow more than two widgets. I found the Statcounter widget in the Inactive widgets and tried dragging it, but it didn’t take. Somehow after trying several themes and wanting to find one I could use the Statcounter in, it was no longer there. Not sure what I did and it was probably something on my end. I reinstalled it, so all is well there.

    So basically, I am wondering if there can be an easy to see warning saying what might happen when we switch themes?

    Another question/idea:
    Just now I was looking over the theme page and noticed some give good descriptions telling how many widgets it supports, etc. and others not so much. One mentioned a few of its features, closing with “and more.” Without activating a theme how do we find out the “and more.”? Can all features be listed or a link to show in detail what each theme has?

    Maybe these ideas are already things that exist. If so, could you please show me the way?
    Thank you so much.

    The blog I need help with is


    All themes except Monotone and Duotone support as many widgets as you like. If you switch from a theme to a differently structured one, the widgets you have added move to Inactive and you can drag them back to sidebar. If you tried that and “it didn’t take”, it might have been a temporary browser issue or you didn’t try well (the widget will take when you see a dashed rectangle in the place where you’re trying to put it). If you experience difficulties adding widgets, you can also enable the more foolproof “Accessibility Mode” (click Screen Oprtions top right).

    You will find many details on theme features in my theme surveys:



    Every time we switch themes all the widgets we formerly used migrate to the Inactive widgets box. That is normal behavior. We then place them in the sidebars or bottom footer widgets areas, open, click “save” and click “close” and that’s it.

    When we can’t drag or drop widgets that points to a browser issue so we clear our browser cache and cookies. If our browser version is out dated then any browser version can be upgraded here.

    I believe you can determine how many widgets any theme supports by checking the Themes Showcase.

    I have never ever had this third party stats counter in text widget failing to function issue with any of my blogs and I have been here 5 1/2 years. Provided the code your posted into the text widget is HTML and not JavaScript it ought to be operational. Have you verified that the code is correct?


    Thank you both for your assistance.

    panaghiotisadam, I found the Accessibility mode and changed it to that. I did have a time trying to drag the widgets up. I’ll look at your site.

    timethief, I am trying to learn WordPresses normal from another blogsite’s normal, so I didn’t realize that about the widgets going into the inactive box. I’ll bookmark the Showcase link. Like I said, I didn’t know what happened to the statcounter widget. Maybe I accidentally deleted it or something because it was not in the inactive box. ?? As far as I know the script is HTML. After I reinstalled the code, I did verify that it now works.



    I’m glad to hear your stat counter widget is working again. Best wishes with your blog.

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