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changing themes - "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."

  1. Changing the theme brings up a "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria" message.

    My other blog shows them fine but not this one.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is it this blog? What theme did you change it to? Does changing it back fix it? Did you have a static page set as your landing page?

  3. Yes that is it.

    Well I clicked previews for quite a few different themes, and they all came up with that or a similar message. I did not actually change to any, only clicked preview as was concerned with losing information.

    Yes, I have a static front page.

  4. You won't lose information, don't worry about that. When you Previewed the themes, did the first thing that come up give you that error, or was it just when you tried to click around? I can see Monotone giving an error like that right out of the box, but the rest should display your front page as per normal.

  5. Yes the errors came up the first thing. I will try switching to some themes and then report back.

    Btw I am sending the "my life plan" on your blog to a friend. He can use it. Thanks.

  6. Thanks, everybody loves Batman!

  7. The themes do come out fine, except a few of them are quite skew-whiff. Thanks for your reassurance!

    On a related note, certain themes like the current one, still say "leave a comment" after it's been disabled. Is that a glitch in certain themes, or is there another way to remove "leave a comment?"

  8. There isn't a way, even with the CSS upgrade. The problem is that the line is included with other important stuff, like the date and "posted by" and if you make it invisible, you make all the rest of it invisible too.

    And I forgot to say, my advice is always to change to a theme with an equal or wider central column, otherwise you run into formatting/squashing/cropping issues. And never use Fjord. I think it was designed by drunken, drupal-crazed Swedes on a dare.

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