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    when i copy and paste a certain blog, one at a time, it keeps showing my picture as the thumbnail photo, i dont want it to, i would like for it to show the image that i have in the blog itself as the thumbnail. how do i do this?
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    when i copy and paste a certain blog

    Do you mean your gravatar image?


    my gravatar image is the one that shows up, i dont want it to, i want the image that i have inserted into the blog to show up, each blog i like to put a diff pic at the top before i go and blog so it’s like an image that has something to do with the blog, that is the one that i want to show up. not my picture/gravatar.



    I’m sorry but unless you choose to have separate username accounts for each blog you cannot achieve what you want to do.

    When we register a username account here the email address we provide becomes our unique identifier. When we are logged into and register a blog it’s registered to that username account we are logged in under and to the email address which is our unique identifier. We can register as many blogs as we wish and provided we are using the same username account then all the blogs will be registered under it and the associated email account. We can change our “display name” but that display name will appear on all blogs registered under the same username account.

    In order to completely separate the blogs that you do not want to be associated with each other you register another username account using a different email address when you are logged out of Then you add the new username account as an official user of the blog, and designate them (ie. you) as an Admin. Next you transfer one of the blogs to the new username account using this process.


    i dont think you understand what im saying. i have a facebook page for my blog.. when i go there i copy the link to my newest blog entry, at the top of that entry i have put a picture with a broken foot on it, i paste the link into my facebook page and it doesnt show the picture from that specific entry, it shows my picture. on one of my other entries it showed the picture that i had in there and not my face, im wondering how?


    nevermind, i dont know how i did it but i figured it out.



    Sheesh! I wish you had said this was about Facebook from the outset.

    We have no control over which images Facebook chooses to display and we have no control over how long it takes for the image caches at Facebook to be flushed.

    They make changes frequently and what follows may or may not be where they are at today:

    Only the first five images uploaded to a post (direct inclusion/gallery/slideshow) will be sent to Facebook. The images size has to be at least 200 x 200 pixels.
    To select which image will be used for things like Facebook Publicize, you can use a theme that supports featured images. If a featured image isn’t set or your theme doesn’t use featured images, then the code tries to pick the first image in the post or page. If no image is found, then the blavatar is used.

    See also >


    it had nothing to do with facebook, it had to do with wordpress, anywhere i post the link to the new post on my blog it shows a thumbnail picture.


    instead of copying the entire link i used the “short url” and that worked



    Well, that’s good news. Best wishes for happy blogging.

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