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    Just a quick question to all those of you more knowlegeable folks…

    I have a post from last October that I want to move to this October, but I suspect that if I understand correctly, if I change the time/date stamp, then all the links to the page — both my own links and external links from stumble, digg, etc…– will no longer work.

    Is this correct?

    (I have used the stickies feature to paste it to the front page, but that’s not really the solution I’m looking for)

    My blog is here.

    Thanks for the help!



    Yes, all inbound links going to that page will not be valid.

    The URL such as /2008/10/21/post_slug_title will be changed when you update the date. You can copy the post and just repost it. Usually just say that it’s a repost of last year, etc.


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    I THINK your links would be lost. (???wiser person might know for sure???)
    Could you not just copy it to new post now? Then insert a link to this year’s post at the top of the last year’s version.


    Thanks much. I thought that was the case. –the reason I ask is I was hoping there was a way to move it up without losing my ranking in the google searches, a few of which have my post coming up near the top spot. I guess I’ll either have to live with it as a sticky, or re-post and re-submit it and start over with google.



    You could edit the old page (leaving that date there) with text saying to ‘go here for update’ which links to your new page. That way incoming links will work, but it will require your visitors to click an extra link (which will have some impact on click-through), but you’ll keep your old link without duplicating content.

    The downside is that since you’ll be editing the old page (removing that content) when it gets re-indexed by Google, the page will be indexed differently (without the keywords that used to be there).


    I think I may just copy the post, and leave the old one as is. Then people who find it through google will still get he same post, and all the links within both the old and the new will link to the same pages anyway….if that makes sense.

    Thanks to both of you for your ideas and help.



    As far as I’m aware, the permalink remains the same, so it shouldn’t matter, but the best way to be sure is to copy the URL of your permalink (ie the link on the blog post title) and then change the datestamp and save and see if the permalink changes. If it does, you can always revert to the previous version, thanks to the versions in the box below the post box.

    Please DO report back and let us know. I’m sure a lot of people are interested.

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