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Changing URL

  1. I have a URL that I would like to change. Can I do that? I thought about deleting my current blog (nothing in it yet) and then restarting with the name that I want. I am not sure if URL is the right word. I want to change the web address that people use to get to my blog. Can I do this?

  2. what do you mean? do you want a or just because you can only get the former here. for the latter you have to get your own hosting.

  3. I have I want to use it for a community group. I set the blog up 9 months ago when I thought I would use it for personal purposes. I don't want to set up another email address and can't delete my old blog. I would like something like rather than I am trying to get multiple (perhaps hundreds) of different authors to share ideas and dialogue. I am pretty new to this. Maybe wordpress is not the right software or venue. Any suggestions?

  4. well, just sign up for another new blog. i think you could use your previous email when you sign up for the new one. and you can have multiple authors in wp.

  5. As sulz says, just add a new blog.

    I would suggest that you go to the homepage when you're logged in and add a second blog for cedarcity from there.

    You can then (in your dashboard) set this as your primary blog and (i think) delete your original one. That will keep your email address and username the same.

    You can then get other potential authors to sign up for an account and you can add them as authors as necessary.

  6. You can then export your posts and pages out via Dashboard -> Manage -> Export. That will give you a file to import at your new site.

  7. How do I change my current URL address? I want to add the word "The" at the beginning? I'm new to this and not very savy yet.

  8. You cannot change the one you already have but you can register a new one including the "the".

  9. I tried doing that, but it said not able to as my current email address is used for a blog already. What I want to do is transfer my current blog info to the new blog address having the at the beginning with word press. I love the word press format and want to stay with it. I'm not very savy at techincal stuff.

  10. (1) You can have as many blogs as you want. Sign-up to get a second blog with the "the" in it here just click the link below this
    (2) Confirm that you can use that new blog.
    (3) Export the contents out of the first blog to your desk top and then import the file from your desktop into the new blog
    (4) After you are sure everything has properly exported and imported and the new blog is functioning fine you could delete the first one. Or you could but hold back on doing that for as long as you want. Because once you delete a blog it's gone forever and the name will not be recycled and used again ever.

  11. Thank you so much. So now you find how little I know.....How do I export to my desktop...sorry I am not very knowledgeable.

  12. How about reading something about exporting and importing before actually doing anything? /gone to get something
    Edit: This may be helpful.
    When you press export you will be prompted by a box asking where you want the file to go. You can then indicate "desk-top".

    I'm going to let drmike our Moderator answer any other questions you have. This is because it doesn't sound like you're very familiar with your computer's operating system and I don't want to confuse you.
    Best wishes :)

  13. You may want to read the thread you posted in. We explain how to do an export and an import up there.

  14. Hi,

    I can't thank you enough. I was able to find it, make a new blog site and transfer. You have been so helpful.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. You're welcome. :)

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