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Changing username

  1. mellowfruitfulness

    I want to change my user name. I have three blogs under my username, call them, and My username is aaa and this used to be my main blog. I have now moved this to another account and want to ditch it and change my username to bbb. It would have been a lot simpler if I'd set bbb up in a separate account, but I didn't (glory be to hindsight) and I really want to retain the name bbb now I've set it up.

    So if I go through the change username process and click "no matching blog address" will I end up with user name = bbb and the same three blogs intact (just the username changed) or will all my blogs disappear? Or? I don't much care what happens to blogs aaa and ccc, but I want to end up with my username as bbb and the bbb blog intact. Naturally I will back up everything before I start fiddling, but can anyone confirm my supposition please? Or suggest another way to achieve what I want, i.e. blog name and username = bbb.

  2. I would like to ask that question too I spelt my username wrong in the first instance so if I change it will I still have the blog associated with? Thanks

  3. I found this it tells you exactly what will happen

  4. mellowfruitfulness

    I read through , but couldn't work out how it applied to my situation as I already have a blog with the username I want to change to. Maybe I'm just being particularly dense this afternoon - I am VERY tired...

  5. When we register a username at we provide an email address and it becomes our unique identifier. When we are logged into under that username every blog we register is registered under that username.

    If we wish to have blogs that are bot associated with each other then we can register another username under a different email address and after we have done that we can transfer blogs between usernames by following these instructions.

  6. Thanks timethief I tried to change my name but it's already taken so I will have to stay sugerplumfairy ;(

  7. mellowfruitfulness

    Thanks timethief, the issue for me is that I have an account (aaa) with a username (aaa) that I want to change to that of a blog I already have on that account (bbb) - I can't set up another account with that name (bbb) as username because it's "already taken". I'm trying to determine whether I can change my current username to that of another blog on the same account.

  8. When we register a username account if we do not register a blog with the matching username to it then Staff "reserve" it for your future use. To obtain that matching name blog we need to contact Staff.

  9. mellowfruitfulness

    If I try to register a username-only account with the name I want to use it comes back as "already taken", so I guess I'm stuffed. To my mind all I want to do is make a sub-blog the primary blog on the account so that the name of that blog becomes the username, but it doesn't seem to be possible. I know now that I should have set up a separate account instead of adding the new blog to my existing account, but I didn't realise the implications at the time...

  10. you can set the blog you want to keep as your primary blog then that one will be associated with your username, is that helpful?

  11. Oh and as you can see I sorted my username out with a new account and a different spelling ;)

  12. mellowfruitfulness

    sugarplumfairie wrote:

    "you can set the blog you want to keep as your primary blog then that one will be associated with your username, is that helpful?"

    Thanks for trying, but I'm still struggling to decide which of these options I should use if I change my username of "aaa" to "bbb", given that I already have a blog named "bbb" on the account:

    1. Create a new blog to match my new user name
    2. Change "aaa" to match my new username and discard the old address
    3. Change "aaa" to match my new username and create an empty blog with the old address
    4. No matching blog address

    1 - I already have a blog called "bbb" which would be my new username, so there's no need to create it.
    2. OK, I'm happy for "aaa" to be discarded, but will WP be able to change "aaa" to "bbb" given that I already have a blog on the account called "bbb" (I suppose I could try this and repopulate it from back-up if it works, but loses my data).
    3. N/A as I don't want an empty blog with the old name and the same question arises about names as for option 2.
    4. As I DO want an associated blog ("bbb" that already exists) this seems not to apply.

    Maybe I'm overcomplicating things, but I can't see a clear way to achieve what I want.

    Thank you again for trying to help. Well done with finding a solution to your own problem! I guess it was worth raising this issue for that anyway :-)

  13. I think you could make a new blog to match your username then import the blog you want to it, would that be an option

  14. mellowfruitfulness

    I tried that, but it says the username I want is already in use (I know it is - I'm using it!). Guess I'll have to live with the old username or think up an entirely new one that hasn't already been taken...

  15. @mellowfruitfulness

    I tried that, but it says the username I want is already in use (I know it is - I'm using it!).

    Please read what I said here >

  16. mellowfruitfulness

    Thank you timethief, I have read your post, but I don't understand what you are trying to tell me. Maybe I'm not explaining myself very well.

    I have an account with three blogs on it. The original blog has the same name as my username. I then set up two other blogs on that account (not realising that I should have set them up on different accounts - sometimes WP is too darned helpful!). I now want my username to match one of the later blogs (which I have now marked as the primary blog). I've tried setting up a username only account with my desired name, but it says that name is in use. I've also tried Option 2 above, but with the same result of "name in use". I've moved my original blog to another account because it was easier to rename than my new blog, but now I'm stumped by the fact that I can't change my username to a blogname that I've already created, even though that name is "owned" by me. Hope that makes it clearer what I want to do.

  17. Please report your issues to Staff

  18. mellowfruitfulness

    OK, thanks. Ever wish you'd just done it right in the first place?!

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