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changing username?!?!?!

  1. Hello guys, i wanted to change the username of my blog. I suddenly dont feel like displaying my username on my blog URL and displaying my username anywhere. I read about the steps below here, but will that change my username for sure? I do not have 2 blogs. i have only one blog and one username. If i go thru these steps, will it change my username even in the blog URL ?!?! as usernames are used in wordpress in blog URL too, i mean if my current username if 'Q', and blog is , and if by followinf these steps i change my username to 'Z', will my blog become Coz tzt is wat i want? My name to change in both username and blog too. This is what i read and should i go thru thse steps??? will tat help? :-
    (1.) In your second blog go to => Dashboard => Options => Privacy and temporarily make the blog private. Check the spot for __

    I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose

    and click “update options” to save the change.

    (2.) Log out of

    (3.) Sign up for using a different email address, and using a new username. Choose a new username that is not the same as any of your blog names. Do not create a blog, just a username.

    (4.) After you finish responding to all the confirmation emails and whatnot, log out of

    (5.) Now log in as your original username and go to your private blog’s => Dashboard => Users.

    (6.) Add your newly created user as an Administrator.

    Set the Role of checked users to: Administrator. Type the e-mail address of your newly created user user to add them to your blog.

    (7.) Next log out and then log in to your private blog as your new user.

    (8.) Go to => Dashboard => Users and delete your original username from the blog.

    Remove checked users.

    (9.) Go to => Dashboard => Options => Privacy and make the blog public again.

    __ I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Sphere, and in public listings around
    __ I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors

    Help me out !

  2. These are exactly the instructions you will need to follow.

    Just be aware that you can't use the same email address when you sign up with a different username.

    You could start a second blog using your original login though. You can then define that as your primary blog. For example, my main site here is but I also run with the same login information. Both are completely separate and you can only see links through to each as I have given that information in the blogs.

    Any more questions please come back and ask!

  3. will doing that delete any of my posts? or will it alter my blog in any way in regards to the posts, comments, pages, links etc?!

  4. Your current blog will stay exactly how it is - it won't be affected apart from being private - only you can see it. What you are effectively doing is creating a brand new blog.

    Once you've done that, make the old one private and then export it to your local machine from the dashboard. You can then import it to the new blog.

    All you'll need to do then is your widgets, header and theme changes to make it look the same.

  5. I needed this comment on how to change my user name.

    Therefore, I decided to copy and paste it for my 1st blog!
    You both will soon be famous!

    Looking forward to knowing you on WordPress.

    lil 'ole me, Chiunicorn aka Glimmeringstar

  6. Considering that it was copied and pasted from a post a wrote and then placed here in the forum I'm laughing out loud. *lol* :D

    => Another username

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