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changing webhost from wordpress to ning

  1. Im trying to change my web host to and i also want to keep my wordpress domain name, but when i try to use the domain mapping feature to update my nameservers my domain doesnt show up in pending transations. I figured i had to initiate it with ning so i tried to set up the domain mapping from there but they give me an error message saying "There were some problems with your domains
    Your A record for points to, but it should point to". Ning says the problem is with wordpress, I dont know what this means ive tried everything to get it to work ive unlocked my dns ive already gotten the authorization code i even read the wordpress instructions to domain mapping. Is it something wrong with my ip address or is it because i dont know what to put in the nameserver box in domain management? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you using these instructions?

    The name server info should come from your new host. something that looks something like ( )

  3. those are the same instructions i used, i just dont know why my domain isnt in the pending transfers list.

  4. You are talking about two different things -

    You have domain mapping active for your domain name - you can change the name servers to point to your new host - and the registration remains here - this is not domain mapping.

    If you want to transfer the domain name to ning then they need to be a registrar that can accept domain transfers (WordPress.COM for instance can register a domain name but can't accept an existing name into it's system) - if you are transferring your domain name to ning the transfer needs to be started on their end.

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