Changing what Media files are attached to

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    Hello there, I have a blog at

    I’ve searched the help sections and the forums and for the life of me I can’t find an answer to what should surely be a simple enough question:

    How do I change what a file in the Media Library is attached to?

    If I upload a new file, it allows me to attach it to a post or page, but once it’s attached there seems to be no option to either detach or re-attach it to a different page or post. I have images attached to a “Photos” page and I wish to change their attachment to a different page so I can add a gallery for it. At present, I can only add the gallery to the Photos page.

    Do I honestly have to delete and re-upload my photos in order to attach them to the page I want?

    The blog I need help with is


    There’s an option to attach unattached images but not the other way round. So, yes, to attach an image to a new page you need to re-upload it via the page editor.

    But you can add a gallery of images attached to another page, by adding the ID of that page to the gallery shortcode – see the Support doc on galleries.



    Ah, thanks very much. That workaround will save me some time and effort :)

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