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    Hi there,

    I added the code below to the style sheet of my blog to change the colour of the widget titles.
    But it hasn’t applied it to the colour of my Twitter title ‘Twit Twoo’.

    .widget-title {

    Please help!


    The blog I need help with is



    Please force clear your browser cache and cookies and view it again as I can see the same color in “twit two” as I see in all widget titles using Firefox 5.0.1.


    The Twitter widget title is a link, so its color is inherited from the color set for “a”.

    Add this to your CSS.

    .widget-title a {
        color: #B22222;

    I would also suggest that you recreate your header image as a PNG with a transparent background to get rid of the white corners. Also in #branding, change the height value to 235px to match the height of your image.


    I haven’t tried clearing the cache and cookies yet, but i did try adding the new code as thesacredpath suggested, the title colour reverted back to the original and a white line appeared down the centre of the sidebar!?

    I know that are alot of inconsistencies with the layout etc but i’m all new to this and trying to learn as i go! I would LOVE to recreate the header image as a PNG with a transparent background but once again, still feeling my way through with photoshop and not sure how to do that yet!



    That works for me using Firebug and also works for me when I put it into the CSS on my test blog using Liquorice so I’m not sure what happened for you. Put this right at the very bottom of the CSS you have in your CSS edit window..

    .widget-title a {
    color: #B22222;

    A white line appearing in the sounds like a browser rendering or caching issue as there is nothing in the above code that would cause that. Also, if you are looking at it via the preview function, sometimes you have to force refresh the preview page before the changes will appear. Preview is a little flakey.


    Oh it worked! thank you sooo much!
    If i could also ask how to apply the same colour to the ‘leave a comment’ and when a word has a link to it?
    and also did the original coding i added not change the calender title?

    thank you!


    Give this a try.

    .comments-num a, .entry a, #wp-calendar caption, #wp-calendar #prev a, #wp-calendar #next a, .widget-area ul ul a {
    color: #B22222;

    The only thing that I cannot change is the @myperseverance in the twitter button since that is set in the markup (XHTML) and when set in the markup it is virtually impossible to override the color.

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