Changing width of blockquote margin

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    What is the css for changing the width of the right margin of my blockquotes? I want the block quote to extend further to the right into my page.

    An example of a page is:

    My theme is Twenty-Eleven.

    I have look thorough the WP css forum, but can’t the exact answer.

    The blog I need help with is



    Add this and play with the values:

    .singular .pull.alignright {
    margin-right: -22.25%;
    width: 33%;


    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the css doesn’t extend the right margin of the pull quote further to the right. Does anyone know how to do this?



    ? I said add the above and play with the values. The values I gave are the default ones: if you increase the percentage for the right margin, the bq will move further to the right.


    I was playing with the values AND figured it out. Thanks again for the help, justpi. My pull-quotes now look great!

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