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    I’d like to know how to change the width of my blog (the default for ambiru is 500) because everytime i upload a picture, it gets cut off if it’s wider than 500.


    can someone tell me how to make my images resize on their own, since i can’t seem to find an option in the blog settings..thanks. this is something that is annoying me greatly.


    nice to meet you boogiewizards!

    ok, hang on!

    here are some instructions on how to automatically resize images

    do let us know if you are doing ok!


    how to resize your image online

    this is helpful if you need to resize images BEFORE uploading them! :D



    You can change the width of your blog space IF you understand CSS well and buy the CSS upgrade and code your own changes to your CSS. Otherwise, follow Sanjidabd’s suggestions.


    on resizing images:

    i know how to edit the dimensions of photos whenever i upload them, but it’s rather tedious and i was wondering if i could set it to resize on its own. i’d rather not enter “width 500” on each photo i add.


    did you read the whole article or just the beginning part?
    it is possible to get it done without manually putting the width information. that post contains three resizing options – by manually putting image width info, doing it “freestyle” and putting width info using the tree icon.

    i’d say, go for freestyle, if you don’t have to stick to a fixed width.

    i am sorry, but i know of no other option. :(



    If you prefer to use a bulk image re-sizer then here are two useful links and



    are you sure wesnapr belongs here? :D

    as far as i know it can’t handle bulk images AND it is meant to create snaps or screenshots of webpages only (rather than resize images) AND there’s no way to control the size of the resized screenshot arbitrarily.


    i meant websnapr, sorry, i made a typos mistake.

    and also, webresizer doesn’t have bulk resize option.



    I stand corrected. :) The OP can find links in this FAQs that will do the job like perhaps faststone

    FastStone Photo Resizer 2.4 Freeware (Last Update: 2007-01-08)

    An image converter / resizer intended to enable users especially digital camera owners to convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermark to images in a quick and easy BATCH mode.


    if it is of any use,

    it is possible to automatically resize images at flickr. no arbitrary size is allowed though.

    one has to have a flickr account – a free one allows 200 images.



    Flickr basic accounts are free



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    I’d like to know how to change the width of my blog (the default for ambiru is 500) because everytime i upload a picture, it gets cut off if it’s wider than 500

    Like raincoaster said the only way to change this throughout your blog is through a css upgrade. Here’s the link to information on the upgrade


    thanks, everyone. this forum has been very helpful. i think i’ll just do it freestyle from now on


    I understand that I need to use CSS and get the upgrade to use it, but is there a tutorial for changing specifically the width of the posts? I have checked all of the resources outlined here and by wordpress but still cannot figure out how to do this.



    This may seem unrelated but click through anyway. The maximum sizes for inserting images into blogging spaces by theme without breaking the lay out are found here




    Hopefully a css expert will come along and help you out.
    Best wishes :)

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