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    Hi, I have changed by site to be a width of 1000 px, but how do I change my blog posts width? it still seems to be set to 800px. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is




    You can try adding the following CSS:

    .single .content-area,
    .page .content-area,
    .search-no-results .content-area,
    .error404 .content-area {
    	width: 1000px;
    .single .hentry,
    .error404 .hentry,
    .page .hentry,
    .search-no-results .no-results {
    	width: 900px;

    It will affect blog post width in single post view, as well as on single Page view, 404 page view, and search result not found page view (you probably don’t have to worry about the latter two).



    Hi, Hafizr,

    I tried that code and it didn’t change my page. How do I change the width? Here is the link that I’m working on now:

    I would like for the page to be wider and the sidebar to be more narrow.

    Thank you!



    Ah, I thought you were having problem with the site :)

    The Eye Am Why seems is a self-hosted WordPress version, and it is not supported here on’s support forum. Instead, you can try using the support forum, here:

    Good luck! (Also, you can safely remove my solution above from the site)



    Hi, Hafizr,

    What does “self-hosted” mean? My theme is Impero and I’ve read every post I can find about changing widths and nothing has worked. I know it’s a simple change, I’m just learning how to do all of this myself now. Any other suggestions for where I could find the answer? Thank you so much!



    Please disregard the previous comment. One showed up to help and now it’s resolved. Thank you!



    You’re welcome! “Self-hosted” means that the WordPress site is hosted by the owner of the site itself (usually using a web hosting service of some sort). By contrast, is a service where the WordPress site is hosted by

    A more detailed explanation is available here:



    Ah, now I understand. Thanks again!


    Hi Hafizr,

    My site is the site, will you solution work for me?



    seemed to work great, thank you so much

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