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    Hi, I am new to stylesheets and have just signed up for the custom design upgrade. I have a website rather than a blog, in Yoko theme, and really want to change the footer from “blog at wordpress” to “powered by wordpress”.
    I have been through lots of forums and still don’t understand if its possible for me to do this, or how.
    I’d appreciate any help.
    many thanks
    my website is

    The blog I need help with is



    have just seen other people asking similar questions, and the answers they got. if I can’t remove the word “blog” which i would really like to, is it possible to add other words or change the appearance, to make it look more professional as a website? many thanks



    and really want to change the footer from “blog at wordpress” to “powered by wordpress”.

    Powered by WordPress means it’s a self-hosted site running on software and your site isn’t so no you can’t do that.



    May I remove credit links such as ‘Blog at’, theme, font, or toolbar links?
    All bloggers are required to maintain the credit links, even our VIP bloggers. Please do not hide the footer credits or the toolbar with CSS after purchasing a Custom Design upgrade.


    I’m glad you asked! If changing the text is important to people and they continue to ask about it in the forums, that is helpful to know and I’m working to keep track of the feedback. There are no immediate plans to change the wording, but we have been doing some testing with different text in the footer and test results plus user feedback will be some of the things we look at if we make a change. For now, there is not a way to change “Blog” to something else, but there is a way to add text such as a copyright notice.

    In the Yoko theme, here’s how you would add text to the footer:

    #colophon p:before {
    	content: "Copyright 2012. "


    I think you can change the wording (indirectly): you can hide the original links, create equivalent ones in a text widget, and position the widget in the footer area.


    Please don’t hide the original footer credit links, that is against the Terms of Service.



    ? I’ve been against hiding the credits long before you thought about it. I didn’t suggest hiding them, I suggested replacing them with equivalent ones, just to change the wording (to, say, “Site at” instead of “Blog at”).


    Replacing the links is not okay. They are now dynamic and change when a site is customized. If the links are replaced manually, then they won’t get updated if we need to make changes to them later or changes based on the customization status of each site.

    Just changing the word “Blog” to “Site” or “Website” would be okay if you can find a way to do that.

    [EDIT: To clarify the statement above, the Terms of Service have been modified to say “Footer credits and the toolbar may not be altered or removed regardless of upgrades purchased.” That means altering the wording in footer credits is not supported. Part of the reasoning for this is that reserves the right to change the text in the credits as needed (i.e. sometimes we may need to add links to font attribution or something else or we may decide to change “Blog at” to say something slightly different) and if you modified the wording, it would be subject to change and it would most likely break any wording modifications you added via CSS.]



    Yes, I think that’s also possible: you can write the word in a text widget, style it exactly like the word you want to replace, give it a white bg color, and position it in front of the original word (also move the original credits horizontally, if the two words aren’t the same length).



    thank you everyone for your replies, i appreciate it

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