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    Is it possible to change the default write post setting from draft to published? If so, how and where would one do this. Thank you.



    Actually it’s just a matter of which button you hit when writing your post. Just click on Publish instead of Save.



    can turn comments off, so people can’t post to my blog?



    When you tack an unrelated question on a thread that has nothing to do with the original issue in the thread it’s called thread jacking. It’s not well received so please don’t do this, okay. Please go to the FAQs blog, find the search box and look for your answer there.

    I came back to check on you and saw nothing other than sulz’s comment.
    Here are instructions you are asking for if what you want is a totally private blog.
    You can also password protect posts individually

    If that is not what you mean and you only want to turn off comments for individual posts then you can do this is easily. Every post and page you create has a row of blue buttons along the right hand side of the editor’s box. The top one is “Discussion” click on the plus + sign and turn off “allow comments”.

    If that’s still not what you want and instead you want a blog where no one can comment on any post at all but everyone can read them then go to Dashboard – > Options -> Discussion and make the appropriate changes to the check boxes (note the one that says “Allow people to post comments on the article”) and then click “update options”.

    Helping you would have been much easier to do if you had provided more information so I’m counting on you to do that next time.



    i just inserted how to do it when i saw timethief’s thread-jacking comment. well, it’ll just take two more page loads, gary. ;)

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