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Changing WYSIWYG-Editor's size

  1. I guess my topic title already eyplains my question:
    Is there any way to change the size of the WYSIWYG-field? In some cases, it would be useful if it was 2 or 3 times bigger, especially for posts with a lot of pics in is there any way to change the size in either way?

    If not, could this post be moved to the ideas-forum? ;)

  2. Here's where to change the size -> Dashboard - > Options -> Writing - > Writing Options -> Size of the post box: ___lines

    Perhaps you also would like to take a look at the maximum image sizes

  3. hello flyr,

    yes, there's a very simple method to extend an input textarea while using the WYSIWYG editor (tMCE): just drag downwards the triangle handle located in the right-lower corner of the textarea frame (it's right above the 'Publish' button).

  4. @options.
    Yay! a techy type heard the call and answered. We hardly ever hear from you and I fondly recall your assistance during my "kill the widgets" campaign. On days when I'm feeling like I need a laugh I pull that thread up from the forum search box and *lol*. May your new year be an excellent one. :)

  5. Thanks for your fast help :)

  6. Now if we could just get that for the boxes along the right hand side, I'd be happy. Finding categories is a pain some times.

    edit: That's actually more of a general wordpress issue, not just here at

  7. So are you sending in a feedback on that O' Venerable Support Wizard? *lol*

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