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    I am trying to figure out the CSS code to help me change the yellow/orange colours in the Splendio Theme – around the header, bottom of page, and featured image bar.


    Most of the background theme elements in this theme are images. As an example this is in the footer area:

    And this is the image used to create the toothed bottom edge on the “featured posts” banner:

    And this is the one in the right header area:

    So, it is more of a photoshop project than a CSS project. The CSS would amount to simply substituting the full URLs of the new images (after you upload them to your media library) into the appropriate rules and declarations in the CSS.

    #header-auxiliary {
    background: url("/wp-content/themes/pub/splendio/images/header-right-bkg.png") no-repeat scroll left top transparent;
    .featured-posts .featured-title {
    background: url("/wp-content/themes/pub/splendio/images/featured-h3-bkg.png") repeat-x scroll center bottom #FFD369;
    #footer-widget-area {
        background: url("/wp-content/themes/pub/splendio/images/footer-widget-area-top-bkg.png") no-repeat scroll left top #008EBC;


    Thank you thesacredpath – I was the one who asked this question on behalf of CanadaFashionLaw – I used your guidance to figure it out.


    You are welcome.

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