Changing/Deleting frames on pictures in Chunk theme

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    Possibly a silly question, but i’m not super familiar with editing the css within wordpress. I’m hoping this is a simple fix.

    I’m a photographer and use “blogstomp” to edit/combine pictures pre-posting to wordpress, and after that they have a simple, thin white frame to post with. I LOVE the way they look before previewing them, as they look without the “chunk” frame around each picture. How can i change this to delete the frames within new posts? Help! Thanks, -Carrie

    The blog I need help with is



    Nope, I’m trying to completely hide the frame, not just change the color. Can I change the padding of images to zero?



    I’m sorry – that clearly doesn’t help but not to worry as when he can thesacredpath will help you with your CSS editing.


    This will do it.

    .entry-content a img, .entry-content a:hover img {
    border: none;

    And PLEASE go to settings > reading and reduce the number of posts to show per page to 1 or 2. Your site completely choked my wireless internet connection. After one minute waiting, I cancelled the loading and just went to the demo site to figure out the code needed.

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