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Chaning the extenion of domain name

  1. Is there a way of changing the domain extension say from to using wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you purchased domain mapping from to or not?

    Do you own the domain or not?

    reference link: domain mapping upgrade

  3. Thanks for your reply.

    Yes i do own, but my site is in Greek and i want it to end in Would i have to purchase through wordpress and then seperatly?

  4. You would need to register with someone else other than WordPress.COM - they can't register the .gr extension - you would then need a zone record for the name before the domain mapping could be done. is a separate issue but it could be registered with WordPress.COM and then mapped to your existing blog.

    Both names can be mapped to the same base blog at the same time (you would need to pay for two domain mapping upgrades)

  5. Thanks for everything guys, you have really helped me.

    Just one more thing. So lets say i have purchased the domain name and then mapped thought to, would the domain name at any time come up while the user is visiting my site? for example while the site is first loading or when the user is going from one page to another?
    excuse me for my persistence but i was reading an article that said it could seriously damage my SEO

  6. Your visitors will only see unless they access something like a picture then they see something like - your-

    your old WordPress.COM URL will also work and when visitors get to your site it changes to the mapped URL.

    Click on my name and you can see what it looks like in action as I have a mapped domain name here. @timethief & @airoddyese also have mapped domains to their base blog.

  7. Thanks for ur help, i am guessing that the pictures could be shown with some css3 tricks or some old school javascript, then there wouldnt be a need to tranfer to a new page. If i find a way around it i shall send u a message or post a reply to this topic

  8. some old school javascript

    Javascript is not allowed here for security reasons.

  9. What about jquery?

  10. Doubt that will work either - read the link I gave you above - it shows the allowed code.

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