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    A long time blogger told me that I had to start using channels to categorize my posts. The are like chapters. Unfortunately he left town and I am having a hard time following up for instructions. Another blogger uses some kind of an app across the top under the masthead that features the title of the folder or chapter and a small photograph teaser.

    How do I get into this? Am I using the wrong terminology??

    The blog I need help with is



    There is nothing like chapters, but they are named “Categories” and “Tags” in WordPress Blogs. You can take them as Channels to categorize your posts.


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    Please be aware that there are different flavors of WordPress. Lots of information one finds online or hears about will be related to wp.ORG rather than to wp.COM.

    You can use categories to organize your posts, as you have done.

    As far as I know there is no way to have pictures automatically next to post titles or in custom menus on
    If you want to list your posts in order (like chapters) then you could use a custom menu widget in your sidebar with links to posts in the order you would like them to be read.
    (for that matter you could put a custom menu in your top navigation)
    more detail about custom menus:

    If you want pictures with the links to posts you will have to venture into a bit of html/text editing. If you are interested in that we can help.

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