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Chaotic Soul- Is It possible to set a different header image per page?

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm using the Chaotic Soul theme, and I want to know if there is a way to edit the theme so that I can have a different header image display on each of my pages?

    Is it possible to edit the theme so that the header image changes as you click through the links on the blog, i.e the header cycles through a set of images at random?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry biut as you can see that theme is not listed here among those that do have the featured images takeover the header option.

  3. Is it possible to edit the theme so that the header image changes as you click through the links on the blog, i.e the header cycles through a set of images at random?

    No that isn't possible but there are other themes that do have that feature.

  4. Hmm interesting. I came across another blog where this feature was being used, but perhaps he is hosting the blog on his own site to use that feature?

    I assumed it was a site.

  5. That's a free hosted blog. Here's some good news. I went to my test blog and activated this theme. I went here > Header and uplaoded two headers. Images of exactly 760 × 151 pixels will be used as-is. When I uploaded the second header image I had the option to select random display.
    Appearance > Header
    Uploaded Images
    You can choose one of your previously uploaded headers, or show a random one.
    Random: Show a different image on each page.

  6. This is good news indeed.

    Thanks so much :-) I appreciate all the help as I learn how to blog ;-)

  7. May I make a suggestion plaase? Every blogger needs a private test blog so they can set it up as a mirror blog of their main blog, and do for themselves what I did for you in it. If you want to do that instructions are here.

  8. Brilliant! Thanks again for another great tip!

  9. You're welcome and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  10. @cmsciulli:
    a) If by "each of your pages" you mean static pages, then it is possible to display a different header image on each one of them.
    b) Please paste the URL of your blog when asking questions here. Or (better for you) make your username link to your blog (Users > Personal Settings: scroll down to Account Details, paste blog URL in the Website field, click Save Changes).

  11. Sorry, Justpi:

    Can you elaborate a bit more?

  12. If by "pages" you mean dynamic pages such as a category page or a monthly archive page, then it's not possible to make them display different header images (and that applies to all free themes, not just Chaotic Soul). If you mean static pages such as your About page, or single posts, you can make them display a different header image by adding special coding in the HTML editor.
    Your turn to elaborate! Which pages were you referring to?

  13. Ideally I'd like my static pages, such as American Wild West, Commissions, and Buildings and Terrain, to have different header images, specific to those pages.

    I believe those are static pages, so I should be able to edit the HTML code to accomplish this, right.

    Sorry if these are naive questions, but I'm inexperienced with WordPress blogging and HTML editing.

    Thankls for the info!

  14. Ok then!
    For each page, you need to create an image in the exact pixel dimensions the theme specifies for the header (760x151 pixels). Upload it via Media > Add New and copy the resulting file URL. Paste the following in the HTML page editor:

    <div align="center" style="width:100%;top:-182px;left:0;position:absolute;z-index:1;overflow:visible;">
    <img src="PASTE IMAGE URL HERE" />

    If you don't like the vertical bar that splits the header in two, turn the z-index value to 11 instead of 1.

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