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Chaotic Soul theme error?

  1. Hy all!

    Look, i am using the Chaotic Soul theme on my blog. Unfortunately, yesterday, after i edited a page, when i returned and visited the blog, something was wrong. The widgets from the right sidebar (pages, top posts, clicks etc) were't on top, but were starting after the end of the post. Can anyone help me?

    (by the way, maybe it's the same my dashboard, in the Stats window, the table is no completely visible. I mean that the last day isn't visible at all, and the dates from the bottom are visible only 50%)

    That's what i want to say:

    Please, can anyone help me? Should i modify the CSS? Or ...

    Thank you

  2. We generally need the link to your blog to help you. Also, please read the sticky "8 things" at the top of the forum.

    After that, this may be helpful:

    This is the link...It was in the image too, so i forgot to write it down here :)

  4. Did you find the FAQ helpful? Or are you still having a sidebar problem?

  5. Still havin problems. It appears always, no matter in what post or page i am. Also, i tried to remove the content of the page i edited before the error appeared, with no result. And i tried to clean my sidebar of widgets, but also no result. :(
    If it still won't work, i think i'll change the theme.

    And, by the way, sorry that i didn't first read the stiky post. My bad :(

  6. Does anything in here help?

  7. don't think so ...

  8. Main causes: posting from Word or another program, copy/pasting from Web, images or tables too wide, widgets too wide...

    There's one more possibility: what is your screen resolution?

  9. 1280*1024. But until now there were no problems. I pasted a part of text from another website, but i tried afert that to delete the content of that page, but error was still present :(

  10. well...i chanced the theme and for others it works fine...however, thnx for your help !!!

  11. Which theme did you change to, by the way? If the center column is wider that could well be it.

  12. Now i am using Freshy

  13. Freshy IS wider than Chaotic Soul if memory serves, so maybe that's it.

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