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    Hello everyone. I’m having some issues with customizing the ChaoticSoul theme. I’ve found answers to them by searching but nothing seems to work. :(


    1. How do I set a default color and thickness to the borders of the images I post (not ones on the sidebar, just the ones I post)?
    2. I want to get rid of the header_overlay.gif (the one that seperates the header in two) and add a link to the header, making it lead to the front page.
    3. Anyone heared of a plugin placing my pages in a row just below the banner? One with a nice effect would be cool.
    4. Finally I’ve tried to make the font a little bigger but the tags are different that the ones people describe.

    That’s all for now. Thanks a lot :)



    1. .entry img {border:1px #f00 solid}

    #header-overlay {background:none}

    (I can’t guarantee that this will work, because for some weird reason the overlay vanishes anyway when I fire up the webdev plugin to edit the CSS.)

    3. No can do, sorry. That would involve fiddling with the html, and we can’t do that here. You would have to choose another theme which does have a navbar below the header, and use that as a base.

    4. Try
    body {font-size:90%}
    adjusting the percentage up or down.



    1. It works but unfortunately I get a border around the smileys too… Any way to avoid that?
    2. Perfect, but what about the link?
    3. Allright, never mind :)
    4. Works good :)

    Plus one final thing I forgot. Changing the default alignment of the posts to ‘justify’?

    Thanks for your time.

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