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    i’m new. i use the theme chaoticsoul and the header image was fine, until 30 minutes ago. then, for no reason of which i’m aware of, the image is separated in two by a bar. i tried to upload another header from my computer, and the problem is still there.
    i did a research and the only thing i found was this :

    it was posted in 2007 and the only solution proposed is to purshased CSS upgrade.

    i really don’t know anything about CSS, ans honestly, i just want to blog.

    is there any other solution? because i really love this theme and i would appreciate if i could keep it.

    thanks a lot!

    p.s. : i don’t usually speak english, so excuse me if thre are any mistakes.

    The blog I need help with is


    sorry, i forgot to give my blog url.



    I actually like it.

    I’m using that theme, and I believe it is designed like that.

    It links in this image as the header-overlay image.

    For some reason, it is not happening on my blog because it is trying to reference this image instead which is not found, so there is no overlay…I’m not sure what the difference is, I never edited that part of the css.

    But I think if this is the designed behavior, you will need to upgrade…It’s only a one line change in the css I believe.


    @explodeyourselfprod, that is how the author designed that particular theme, with the bar in the middle of the image. If the bar was not showing before, then it was some glitch in the system.


    There is no solution short of the paid CSS upgrade AND some CSS editing experience to get rid of the bar.


    thanks a lot for the quick awnsers.


    You’re welcome.

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