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    On this post I use Heading 2 on the post under titles:

    But if you look at it from the front page it looks like this:

    I think it’s because of the post titles. Because they are in the same “frame” or something as the post text. Anyone know how one could make the heading 2 text on the front page look like it does in its own page? Thanks.



    As far as I can see [and someone will correct me] you are mixing up between the 1st url which is the blog url and the permalink url which is for that 1st post. I do not know if you can choose not to have permalink but it has very real advantages for people wishing to locate that particular post among others on the same page.



    That isn’t what I meant, if you check both url’s and look at f.ex. “Santiago Vs. Nakamura?” in both url’s, there is a difference. I’m wondering if there’s a way that the heading 2 text in the front page can look like the same heading 2 text in the permalink (with the long line under the text and all that). Thanks for your reply.



    There is a difference in the way they are shown on the front page and the post page and that is coded in the CSS. If you do not have the CSS upgrade, you cannot change it. (I haven’t looked at the CSS on that theme – it is possible that you cannot even change it with CSS.)

    If you are not familiar with CSS, then please be aware that there is no official support for it and only a few people in the forums are well versed in it. If you want to mess with it, use the preview function and see if you can work it out.

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