ChaoticSoul theme has become messed up :(

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    This just happened today. When I preview drafts, the sidebar gets dumped at the very bottom of the page (as opposed to appearing on the side). The same condition also exists for published posts that have an ‘Insert More tag’ (the page break). Earlier today, this condition did not exist. This has seemingly happened within the span of the past few hours, completely unprovoked (I made no changes otherwise). It also appears to be unrelated to zooming in or out of the page (Ctrl + or Ctrl -), since even zooming out to the smallest setting doesn’t bring the sidebar back up from the bottom.

    ChaoticSoul looks awful :( I would really appreciate someone’s expert advice. Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is


    The URL is (which you can also see by mousing over my user name).


    <i>The same condition also exists for published posts that have an ‘Insert More tag’ (the page break)</i>

    nevermind. this is happening for *all* published posts (i just need to navigate away from the main page and onto the post’s unique page in order to see it).


    okay, i just looked at a few other blogs that use chaoticsoul, and it looks like they have the same thing happening (so at least it doesn’t appear to be unique to my blog).

    thanks! really hope this gets fixed soon…


    I’ve tagged this thread so that staff will hopefully see it and respond. I would also suggest contacting them directly just in case they do not see this thread for a while.

    Moderators, could you please move this thread to the theme’s forum please.


    Yes, ChaoticSoul messed up – probably because of this:


    Yeah, that was my thought as well. An “unintended consequence of the other fix.”



    Hope that wordpress will fix the fix soon ;) because my blog is looking like shit now. LD


    Have the same problem too, it looked awful and I thought my sidebar just got eaten up =<


    I’ve notified staff.


    thank you to everyone! i am going to cautiously venture to say it looks like it has been fixed! i’m going to monitor for the remainder of the day before making it official (changing topic status to ‘resolved’.



    Sorry about this it was an undesired side effect of another theme change and I corrected this issue earlier today.


    thanks! all is well now, so moving to ‘resolved’.


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