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    I’m using the ChaoticSoul theme and have added pages (contact, links, photos), but the only way to get back to the main page where my posts are is to click the title at the very top of the page. How can I make it so that there is navigation under “Pages” to return to the main page, where my blog is. Basically there is no blog/home button – I know how to add a page for that but I don’t know how to have it link to my blog/home page.

    This is my page:




    Thanks for giving us a link so we can check it out.

    My best recommendation is to make a text widget called HOME and containing nothing more than the link to your main blog page. Put it at the TOP of the sidebar, and you should be fine. You can also put the meta widget in the sidebar, but I find it not so dramatic.


    Much thanks! This is my first blog and there are a lot of things to take in….I wasn’t familiar with text links and such. I was able to add a Home link as well as another text widget for the Search box (ChaoticSoul theme has no indicator to show the search box is a search box). The page is a total mess in IE though, but fine in all other browsers.

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