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    I’ve been using ChaoticSoul Theme since I started blogging here. Suddenly, yesterday, I find that the links on the right-hand side of the screen are in much bigger font than usual. Also, my posts are all suddenly spaced differently than they were before, despite the fact that the coding remains the same. The latest (top) post is correctly singled-spaced, but all the previous posts are spaced further apart. This only occurs in Internet Explorer, as I’ve checked Firefox, and the spacing is not a problem there. The bigger font in the links section is an issue in both browsers.



    i use chaotic soul on another blog, but i don’t see the changes you describe, neither in firefox nor in internet explorer. i was really afraid about my layouts for a second :/


    You’re post, “Update on Harry Potter Lexicon Case” was copied and pasted from MS Word, which will virtually always mess things up because it brings in all sort of wacky code. MS Word does not speak HTML – which is the language of the web. In this case, MS Word ended up leaving an open font tag and that is messing up everything after that missing tag.

    Open that post in the editor, copy everything out of the visual editor, and paste it into a plain text editor such as notepad or text edit (make sure it is set to “plain text.” Switch to the HTML tab and select everything and delete it. Now switch back to the visual editor then copy everything from the text file and paste it back in using the “paste from Word” icon on the lower toolbar ( ).

    I also suggest that you go to settings > writing and turn on “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” making sure to click “save changes” afterward.

    If you write in word, always use the “paste from Word” icon to insert the Word stuff into your posts and pages. It will strip out all the bogus Word code.

    If you copy and paste something from the web, it can also mess things up. Adjacent to the “paste from Word” button, there is a “paste as plain text” button. When pasting from the web, use that button. Again, it will strip out any web code that will mess up your blog.



    The problem is not the Harry Potter Update post, however. It is all the posts before it, which are suddenly spaced farther apart than the True Blood post (which is spaced how I want). I coded all of these, and the coding remains the same, yet they appear different. All my posts should look like the True Blood post, but they don’t. This is a problem only on IE, not on Firefox.

    As for the links on the right, they are MUCH bigger than they used to be, and this is a problem on both browsers. Did something change in Chaotic Soul that we were not told about?


    Nothing changed. Pasting from Word is an issue and will at some point break your blog. If in one post a tag is left open, then that style or whatever is going to be applied to whatever is below it and since the sidebar HTML is below the post stuff, then that open tag effects it as well.

    Right now according to the W3C validator, your main blog page has 99 errors. Some of the errors can cause errors in other parts of the page as well, so the actual number of errors is likely less. It is reporting that there are missing end tags for fonts and paragraphs all over the place. This is part of what MS Word does. Again, “MS Word does not speak HTML – which is the language of the web.”


    My suggestion if you insist on using Word is to download and set up the offline blog editor, Windows Live Writer (that is if you are on Windows) and then paste the stuff from Word into Windows Live Writer and post from that program. Windows Live Writer will correct and fix all the Word code that muck up HTML.

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