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    Ok. I finally moved my blog to a paid host and exported my previous blog to it.

    Just encountered 3 problems.

    1. Had the theme Chaoticsoul previously and using the same one for the new blog. Problem is
    I can’t display all the posts totally. Meaning to say only the first post has the pictures and
    all my writing. The second onwards is just words and all my links and pictures disappear. Only
    when I click on the post title, I am able to see everything. This wasn’t the case when I hosted at
    wordpress itself. Any idea how to rectify this?

    2. When I clikc for widgets, the message prompts this theme cannot recognise widgets while I had widgets
    in the previous blog with the same theme.

    3. And one more, this theme has a custom header but the option doesn’t even appaer in the dashboard.

    Please do help if you the remedy for the above and thanks in advance for the help. :)



    I was looking to change to a paid host…not sure how to help, but interested in learning more….thanks for the post…


    The version of the theme you are using is different from the one here, and the author has made changes to it. It was his choice. The themes used here at wordpress.COM are not the same as the same theme that is available for download an installation on a self-hosted blog. The themes here are modified to work with the software here, and as I said, sometimes the themes hear are old versions. The downloadable theme for self-hosted blogs could have gone through many revisions.

    As far as widgets, the version you downloaded must not be widget ready. Again, the version of the theme here at wordpress.COM is not the same as what you find on the web.

    With self-hosted blogs, there is no “custom header” option. What you have to do is upload the header image, get the URL, and then put that URL into the correct place in the CSS file. Very few themes for the self-hosted version of wordpress have a custom header feature in the dashboard.


    Some typos above, forgive me.


    If you go to the wordpress.ORG forum, which is where the self-hosted version of wordpress is supported, there is more information on chaoticsoul issues:


    And this one in particular regarding the images in posts: . Bottom line, the wordpress.COM version of the theme was modified. What you are seeing is what the designer intended when he designed the theme.



    FYI – this forum is for blogs hosted at wordpress.COM. Your self-hosted questions should be directed to the .ORG forums located at http://wordpress.ORG/support

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