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    Where in the CSS stylesheet do I change the borders\columns to just 1 column.
    I have a pic that i want to use as a header pic, but I want it in 1 piece, not divided in two that is standard in ChaoticSoul theme.



    Are you hosted here at If so, please give us the URL of your blog. If not, then you need to inquire over at .

    One thing to be aware of is that does not provide help for CSS editing and few here know about CSS. The ones that do have jobs and show up only from time to time, and typically in the evenings.


    By the way, you’ve started two threads with the same title. Please do not do this as it causes more work for volunteers here in the forums.



    The site is:, its hosted here at



    Thanks. As I stated, you will need to wait till one of the CSS guru’s pop in to see if they can answer their question.



    {nodding to tsp}

    This is a duplicate thread. The OP was answered in this original thread

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