ChaoticSoul: “Visit Site” button disappeared?

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    I know that my ChaoticSoul-themed blog has forever had a button at the top that allowed me to view my entire blogsite after publishing a new post. Not talking about the Preview option, which, of course, only shows the stand-alone Post. The “Visit Site” or “View Site” button allowed me to see the new post in the context of the entire blog environment, and I used it often. Either it has disappeared in the last week — or I have totally lost my mind. (Could be either.) Is it me — or is something awry? Otherwise, I adore my blog, the URL of which is linked to my photo.

    The blog I need help with is


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    You don’t need that button. Staff removed it from all themes a week or two ago. Just click on the blog title to view your post.


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    I should add that the place where the redundant “visit site” was now tells you the status if you have a private blog, or have blocked search engines from your blog.


    Thank you, @1tess.Glad it was an easy answer.


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    You are welcome. I love easy solutions too!

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