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    I’m seriously considering using the Chapters theme to start my new blog. Most of the themes I’ve seen on the WordPress Browse Themes site offer links to blogs that use each theme. But on the Chapters showcase page it says that 147 blogs use it, but doesn’t give any links. So other than the example used in the demo, there are no others I can look at. I really want to see how others are using this theme before I spend my $$.

    I have all sorts of questions about Chapters, specific to what I want to do with it — post each chapter of my book, w/out dates. I don’t want it to be a calendar sensitive site. My project is huge and complicated and I need something that will help me bring together the myriads of parts into a structured whole. Chapters *looks* like it might do that. When I’m done — or perhaps when I have a certain portion — I’ll go public with it. But before I ask those more specific questions, I need to see how others are using it.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help me w/ this.



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    Thank you, Takashi. That was very helpful. Visiting each of those sites helped me see some of the possibilities offered by Chapters — better than the demo did. They also gave me ideas of what I do and don’t want.

    Now to get brave, jump in and try to figure out *how* to do it. A brain injury took away my “geek-ness” abilities. So it seems confusing and scary. I’m not sure which I’m sposed to do first … buy the theme or open/start the blog first. (I already bought the domain name.)

    Again, thank you much.




    I saw you purchased Chapters. Congrats!

    Now you are a subscriber of the theme, if you have questions on the theme, you are now able to ask about it on the theme specific forum.

    Good luck on your blog!

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