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    How change the type of character? If I want to use Verdana or Time New Roman etc. what I have to do?



    You will need to purchase the CSS upgrade and modify it to suit your needs.



    For the body of a post there are two other ways of doing this. One is to do it all in another program and then paste it in. It should retain the formatting including the font.

    Another way is if you know how to do fonts in HTML you can change them manually through the HTML editor.

    For the template, see cornell’s advice. There’s no other way to change the fonts in the template.



    I have some information from the FAQs that also may be useful if you decide not to opt for the css upgrade. I’m offering this only to round out the full array of choices that are available to you as the others have done very well providing the options. There is one other to consider.
    It’s true that you cannot change the default font your theme uses. If you want to do this anyway, you must do this all the time. This is of course is tedious but it can be done. The instructions for how to change it all the time are here

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