Charges for Adding a Domain not accurate?

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    I upgraded by adding a domain+registration for $14.97; however, I was also charged an additional $8.00 for something I didn’t want? Any idea why I’m being charged $22.97?

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ll tag this thread so that hopefully staff will see it and respond. Support is not open again until the 16th, but they are monitoring the forums.


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    It’s Monday and staff is back. If the problem hasn’t been solved, contact them directly:



    It looks like you checked the box to get your domain registration made private – I just stopped a colleague in time from doing the same thing.

    Protect your Privacy with Private Domain Registrations


    Just my thought, but making the domain registration private is a good thing to do give the state of things today.



    The problem seems to be that there is a new check box labelled “Make my personal information private for this registration” on the domain registration page with no indication that selecting it will involve a further expenditure of $8.



    All mine are private, always have been. Whether the $8 is worth it is your judgement but it does mean that for less than a dollar a month you get privacy.

    Try this:
    WHOIS for and look at the detail
    then do another WHOIS for and look at that detail.

    Which do you want when people WHOIS your domain?


    @mark, perhaps on the domain registration page you could note that it cost $8 extra? Many might not know it costs extra.





    Perhaps even include an “open in a new window” link to a relevant support document.



    I wasn’t aware so I am passing this on.

    Apologies for the hiddenness of it, and it was not intended that way, but it is still something I think you should buy. You can’t get privacy back.


    You can’t get privacy back.

    Wholeheartedly agree.

    And thanks Mark.



    I just went to buy a domain ( if available if you are a Modern Warfare 2 fan) and I see the page where I complete my details, I check the Private Registration box and click the button.
    The next page has:

    (N/A)Domain Mapping (more info)

    Map your blog to a domain of your own.

    1 year subscription


    (N/A)Domain Registration (more info)

    Register a domain for use with your blog.

    1 year subscription


    (N/A)Private Registration (more info)

    Hide your personal information on domain whois results.

    1 year subscription


    So we do show the cost there. We could probably do a better job there of explaining the cost and why we think it is important so I apologise there. But we aren’t do anything shady, this is an important item and you are not compelled to tick that box to proceed.


    Perhaps the explanation could use a little honing, but the cost is listed, so far less of a problem than it appeared.



    I must admit I never got as far as the page that you have given. My comment related to the previous page where it says:


    The domain is available to be registered and added to your blog. You can use it as your blog address for $14.97 a year.

    at the top and has a check box at the bottom for privacy at the bottom.

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