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charging for blog maitenance

  1. can i sell wordpress technical support?
    as simple as "i help you if you pay me".

    some people/friends want my help for their blog
    maintenance, and i am not willing to do it
    for free all the time. you know 2 or 3 questions
    are okay but if they want me to be always
    there to help, i think i need to charge them.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why would you not charge for your work?

  3. i'll take it as a yes 1tess :)

  4. i would like to have the opinion of others

  5. thistimethisspace

    We have been instructed that these technical support forums at WordPress.COM cannot be used for blog promotion or discussion purposes. Please respect the policy and promote your blog in social networks.

    This thread has been tagged for closure. Please do not continue to post into it.

  6. @thistimethisspace

    am i promoting my blog?

    is it required for me to be satisfied
    with the answer of one person only?

  7. if another moderator will find this thread, i would
    need your opinion/help about my question.
    it's up to you to close a thread that is not
    even resolved yet.

  8. It's certainly up to you if you choose to charge for services rendered.

    The purpose of these forums is to seek help with existing accounts/blogs, so I am going to close this thread, but honestly I don't see any problem with your plan.

    Best of luck!

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