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Charity... Help me out (links et al)?

  1. Not in the habit of asking for stuff... but:
    One of the guys who sometimes writes at my site is growing a mo'/mustache/moustache for charity - fighting depression & prostate cancer. I interviewed him - raising awareness... even just a lil'.
    If you're ever doing a link-dump, and it's appropriate - could you link this? Or even just visit & read the interview... maybe make a comment!

    Cheers & thanks...

  2. Growing a moustache for Prostate Cancer? Oh, way to rub it in! "Look, both MY testicles work fine. How are yours?"

    I'll toss it some link luv tomorrow. On pricey paid internet today.

  3. Thanks rain... and thanks Sulz for coming on & making comment!

  4. sure no problem. interesting read. =)

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